Picking best Medicare plan can save you money

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Picking best Medicare plan can save you money

As appeared in Tampa Bay Times newspaper:


Looking for the best price on life's boring necessities — car insurance, a washer and dryer, pool chemicals — not so much.

Same goes for the pain of having to slog through mountains of data and numbers trying to find the best Medicare Advantage or Part D plan. But, at open enrollment time, which is now, everyone 65 and older who wants health care (and enough money left over to be able to eat) must put down his or her head and ... Figure. It. Out.

If that's you, you have until Dec. 7.

I received a phone call a couple of weeks ago from a woman named Jan. She implored me to alert senior citizens to re-evaluate their Medicare plans. Seems her husband was diagnosed with cancer last year and their medicine needs changed dramatically.

She said she started searching for a plan to better fit their needs the first day she could, but the Plan Finder at medicare.gov was so slow or so busy, she couldn't get on. "The little wheel just kept spinning," she said. Not to be deterred, she tried again later that night when there were fewer people trying to use it.

She entered the prescriptions she and her husband use and the dosages and voila! She found there were several plans that provided the drugs they needed at a cost lower than the plan they had last year.